The beginning
of your
footballing path.

Our project has the purpose of forming, not only football players, but also citizens.

Integral human being formation, through sporting activities which develop behavioral, social and emotional competencies, as well as family values.

Being acknowledged as a center of excellence in the formation of young athletes between 3 and 15 years old. Football as a fun, engaging, teaching tool for athletes.


Using football to promote lifelong values such as discipline, education, responsibility, comradery, respect, teamwork and fair play.

Learn to DO

Develop competencies through fun, psychomotor-oriented teaching tools focused on football.

Learn to LIVE with others

Values which promote the coexistence between different races, beliefs, and social classes. Fighting racism and daily rivalries so that our athletes are ready to face not only victories, but also the frustrations that football may provide.

Learn to BE

Create within the athletes a feeling of love for our team and local culture, so they grow up with our values installed in them and help spread the winning mentality of a Club successful within the 4 lines, and outside of them.

The Hurricane Schools 12 Rules

Clube de vantagens - Socio Furacão